Winter Skincare for Bangladeshi Skin

Wasim Uz Zaman
3 min readJan 4, 2022


Bangladeshi winters are dry and cold, with wind chills driving temperatures down to as low as 7 -11 degree Celsius between December and February. Environmental factors cause Bangladeshi skins to sprout rashes, acne, cracked skin, dead skin cells and chapped lips. A majority of beauty products that minimize or reverse the damage caused by a dry Bangladeshi winter contains harmful ingredients that cause long-lasting damage to the user. This discussion is about how clean beauty offers a better solution to the winter skincare problem in Bangladesh.

Source: Cracked skin on hands and feet: Causes and treatments

First off, clean beauty products include ingredients that are natural and beneficial for the skin. There are well-documented evidences of harmful chemical usage in beauty products. For example, since 2009, 595 cosmetic manufacturers have been reported to use 88 chemicals in over 73,000 beauty products that consist of harmful chemicals (Source: The Toxic Twelve Chemicals and Contaminants in Cosmetics | Environmental Working Group ( Some of these chemicals include parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and phthalates, their damages are as follows:

  1. Parabens are ingredients that are well-documented to induce cancer cells in the body.
  2. SLS causes skin irritation, allergies and redness.
  3. Phthalates are known for causing hormonal, cancer and affecting reproductive systems.
Source: The top 12 Toxins in Personal Care and Beauty products — Good to know! | Organic skin care, Personal care, Skin care

Secondly, clean beauty products are organic, vegan or cruelty-free, all of which lead to better skin health. In Bangladeshi winter, skins are often cracked due to the dry weather, exposing the risks of dehydrated skin combined with harmful ingredients of beauty products that are used. Clean beauty skincare products use natural ingredients to nourish the quality of the skin.

Bangladeshis are heavy on carbohydrates-based diet. Carbohydrates contain sugar which causes acne and inflammation if consumed in excess. Combined with the dry, polluted winter of the country it is likely that acne and inflammation may be a triggered from allergens and diet. Clean beauty skincare products offer the elimination of toxins that can improve acne and inflammation, leading to healthier skin.

Winter in Bangladesh is a dynamic shift from the nine months of warm, humid weather that people face. Because of this, skincare during winter becomes essential due the physical shock from shifting to cold weather in winter. Clean beauty offers minimal or toxin-free skincare products to upgrade a user’s skin to its optimum quality. With a growth rate of 8–10% per annum, clean beauty retail industry in Bangladesh is set to play a pivotal role in catering to the health of its people. The goal at Adora is to promote top-level clean beauty skincare products for the people of Bangladesh.